Agape Black Belt Center

Student Character Report

Show Respect

RESPECT is the first thing you need to have in order to be a successful martial artist. Showing respect doesn’t only apply to your Instructor; you must also show respect to your parents, teachers, and other adults around you.

Having Good Manners

Having good manners is important because it’s one of the things that make your parents REALLY proud of you. Manners show what kind of person you are and it’s a great way to show respect to the people around you as well as demonstrate what a kind and considerate person you are.

Pick up your Belongings

You should be responsible for the things you own! Bring them out when you are going to use them and put them away when you are finished. Everything should have its proper place. If you keep things where they belong, then you will always know where they are when you need them.

Keep your Room Clean

Your parents like it when you keep your room neat and tidy.
To earn your star card, we want you to CLEAN YOUR ROOM before they ask you to. Imagine how pleasantly surprised they’ll be.

Lead By Example

To lead by example means to demonstrate the qualities of leadership. When you show this type of behavior, you’re earning the respect of others.


Being organized is very important. If you are organized you won’t lose things – you’ll always know where everything is and you’ll always be on time and never forget things.

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