10 Commandments of Agape Black Belt Center

1) Always dress appropriately

There is a dress code in every place and culture. Proper attire prepares your mind before every practice. We teach the proper way to make preparations and engage in everything with a positive attitude.

2) Be punctual

There are times when you cannot be on time, but it can be problematic when you start thinking that it is okay to be late. We teach our students to do push-ups whenever they come in late. “Don’t work with someone who is always late. Those who are not faithful to a promise will never keep their promise.”

3) Bow politely

Correct posture leads to courtesy and honesty. Be polite to your elders and pledge your allegiance at all times.

4) Always speak loudly and clearly

Speaking loudly and clearly represent your self-esteem. Especially, the central discipline is that it is essential to speak in a loud voice during white belt training.

5) Be diligent

Being diligent and hard-working creates a positive image for everyone. As you practice actively, you will be acknowledged for your efforts. Therefore, respond with agility when your master calls you.

6) If one does wrong, everyone is held responsible for one’s action

Selfishness can lead to extreme individualism and egoism, which can hurt your social life. We teach our students community spirit and a sense of group responsibility through teamwork and disciplinary punishment.

7) No crying

Crying does not change anything. The Black Belt Center does not allow crying although there can be many reasons to cry. Bear in mind that when the weak talks highly of himself, it is arrogance and when he humbles himself, it is servile. On the other hand, when the strong talks highly of himself, it is arrogance and when he humbles himself, it is modesty.

8) Never say “I can’t”

When your master calls upon you or it is your turn to do something, you carry out whatever you have to do with your utmost attention. Saying “I can’t” or “I don’t know” turns you into a passive individual who cannot even take control of a small opportunity. In order to train students as an outstanding individual, we do not accept saying “I can’t.”

9) Only those who master the skills can pass the promotion tests

Rank advancement can only result from hard practice. It is misleading to teach students that they can pass and advance by simply taking the test. Rather, it is important to take a step back and master the necessary skills and truly understand one’s abilities before promotion. As a result, students who lack skills cannot pass the test.

10) Be respectful to your seniors

In any organization, there is an order. We emphasize that students should show respect to their seniors regardless of whether they seem strong or weak, in order for them to be respected in exchange.

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