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Olympic TaeKwonDo

Your Olympic Taekwondo Headquarters in Rochester is Agape Black Belt Center!

The BEST Martial Arts School has the training program to get you into the Best Martial Arts Competition: the Olympics! Read on to find out more!!

Olympic TaeKwonDo

Competitive Taekwondo

There are a lot of different martial arts out there: some with histories going back thousands of years, and others just recently invented by a so-called “expert.” In international competitions, there are very few that are admitted to the biggest event of all: the Olympics. Taekwondo has earned that enviable position.

Agape BBC is very proud to say that HUNDREDS of students in the Rochester area have had the advantage of training in a world-class program in Olympic Taekwondo. We all know that competition makes us stronger, and the bigger the competition, the stronger you get. When you train with Olympic training methods, you get the best training in the world.

You’ll get the same training as many local, state, national, and even Olympic champions. If you want to be your best, you must train with the best, using the best PROVEN methods.

Develop the Winning Spirit!

You’ve heard that “It’s not how many times you get knocked down in life that counts, but how many times you get back up.” Competition brings out the winning spirit, the spirit to overcome adversity and to rise to the challenge. When you or your child trains at Agape Black Belt Center, you will face many challenges and learn to overcome them. You will develop the winning spirit, which will become a habit, and help you overcome ANY challenge in your life.

Out of shape?

No worries! Olympic Taekwondo is a great way to get in shape!

Feeling uncoordinated?

No Problem. We teach everything step-by-step, so you don’t have to be a star athlete to get started.

Too busy?

Don’t worry. You can make significant progress attending two or three classes a week.

Afraid to get hurt?

We practice everything in a safe, cooperative, controlled environment.

Build Outstanding Character

Olympic Taekwondo training also develops character in the students, with emphasis on courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and self-control. Parents love Taekwondo over other sports because of the character-building lessons emphasized in every class. Your children will practice courtesy with improved behavior at your home and at school. They’ll learn to admire those with integrity, like their instructors, and strive to develop integrity in all their actions.

Your children will also learn perseverance in pursuit of their physical skills, and that will translate to perseverance in their schoolwork and to perseverance in other goals they may set in their lives. The self-control practiced in Taekwondo class also results in better behavior for your children at school and greater resistance to negative peer pressure.

Be a Life Champion

There is an old saying, “If you shoot for the moon and miss, at least you end up among the stars.” It means that it is better to set a goal that is too high and not achieve it than to set a goal that is too low and never reach your potential.

Not every one of our students becomes an Olympic champion. However, by helping you set high goals, we help you reach your highest potential.

The process of setting goals, working hard to achieve them, and overcoming adversity along the way will help you become successful in any area of life you choose. Taekwondo is a program to develop a Successful Life.
Just imagine what your future will be like (or your child’s future) when you develop the winning habit!

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