Respect, Humility, Patience


Being a leader to contribute for society based on strong martial arts spirits

Yong In University is a private university located in Samga-dong, Choin-gu, Yongin-shi, Kyonggi Province, Korea. The school opened as Korea Judo School in 1953 under the founding slogan of “Be the one who contributes to society through moral cultivation.” It was commissioned as a four-year undergraduate school in 1971 and changed its name toKorea Physical Science College to the current name, Yong In University in 1993. Started as a physical education college, it is a private university with 35 departments for both day and night sessions in the six colleges: Martial Art, Physical Science, Culture and Art, Business Administration, Environmental Science and Health and Welfare. The university has established seven special graduate schools in Education, Physical Science, Art, Business, Rehabilitation and Health Science, Taekwondo, Cultural Asset and one general graduate school with eight subordinate organizations including the Central Library and 18 affiliate organizations.


A Wholly Different Brand. World class college of martial arts As it is the representative course in Yong In University based on its philosophy, the students will grown to become international martial specialists.

The department of Judo is a world class department that succeeds in the tradition of Korean Judo. Through the theory and practice of Judo, both the students and alumni have achieved excellent records in international competitions including Olympics so as to raise the reputation of Korea and contribute to the development of physical exercise fields in Korea.

It is possible to acquire the instructor’s license for physical exercise practice, class 2 of Judo instructor course and license of judgment after the course. After the graduation, it is possible to work as specialists in various physical exercise fields such as sports related institutes, public officers, policemen, and security service fields etc. Also, it is possible to undergo in-depth academic activities in the graduate school.


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