Respect, Humility, Patience


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Old Choson was founded by Tangun Wanggum in 2333 BC, on the principle of Hongik Ingan, which means “living for the benefit of all mankind”. While various religions including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity have had a great influence on the country over different periods of history, the teaching of Hongik Ingan has endured through the ages as the spiritual foundation of the Korean people.

Hongikingan (Hangul: 홍익인간; Hanja: 弘益人間)

is the unofficial national motto of South Korea. The phrase is English translated as “Benefit Broadly in the Human World/Devotion to the Welfare of Humanity”.

The phrase may also be translated as “Live and work for the benefit of all mankind.

Together we can make the Korean philosophy of hongik ingan (홍익인간) – work for the benefit of humanity – a reality in the Greater Rochester Area!

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