Respect, Humility, Patience

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Would you like your child to learn self-control, respect and good manners?
Would you like your child to develop basic motor skills and eye-hand coordination?
What if your child could learn these valuable life skills while having a great time?
The Tigers Program at Agape Black Belt Center has been created specifically for 4 – 6 year old to teach Life Skills, Safety Skills and Basic Martial Arts Skills.
Our program will help our child learn to control the body and focus the mind, all in an atmosphere of warmth and fun.

Life Skills | Safety Skills | Basic Martial Arts Skills | Focus | Balance & Fun

Tiger Classes ; Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. 
Each class lasts 50 minutes.
Classes are positive and non-competitive!
All equipment is provided.
Children should wear TKD uniform or ABBC T-Shirt (Only in the summer).
New participants are welcome to join anytime.
Younger siblings are welcome to observe the class but for safety reasons we cannot allow these younger children to walk and crawl around the mats and play with equipment in the same area as the class.
If you wish, you may ask the instructor for some equipment for the child to play with in another area where classes are not being conducted. Older siblings are welcome to watch but due to the focus and attention required in these classes we may not allow them to participate in the class in any manner.
This is also to prevent injury to the participating children. If you have siblings that you’d like to enroll in a program together, we offer a sibling discount of 20% off the regular price tuition.

If you like to learn more about Tigers Program, fill out your basic information and one of our staff will get back to you soon.

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