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Last year, in November, we realized that out 6 year old was having trouble in 1st grade. It wasn’t the academics; it was the paying attention and the following directions part of school that she wasn’t getting. We decided to look for a Taekwondo program because we knew that the activities in a Taekwondo class would develop these skills in her. After meeting with Master Ra, we knew that his traditionally run studio would be just what we were looking for.

Fast forward to today. Our 7 year old has made amazing progress in focus and following directions! We are so happy. Now she is learning leadership skills as well. We are solidly committed to Agape Black Belt Center and will be training here for years to come.

Mrs. Mary Zeigler

Agape has done so much for my son and our family! My 5 year old started last fall and had been going for several months now. I have seen a huge improvement in his mental focus, self confidence and fitness. He takes it home and practices good habits at home too.  When they get to do sparing, he can punch and kick to his heart’s content in a controlled and safe environment. What great place for child to grow. And we Love the Ra family. They are so close knit, dedicated, and are excellent teachers.

Mrs. Angela Grigg Vell 

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