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  2017 ABBC National Championship Result

Dear ABBC Family,

We would like to express our gratitude for your on-going support for our competitors, who participated in this year’s USAT National Championships, at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. The support you have provided to our competitors enabled them to attend the national championships and has also given them courage to compete on a national scale, along side 4,500 competitors. Throughout the competition week, our competitors gave their very best and gained valuable experience.

So how well did the ABBC students do at the USAT National Championships

Below is a short depiction of each competitor and their results from the National Championships.


Hailey Ra

Only participated in the Female Junior (15-17) World Class Poomsae Division. Her division was one of the most competitive, with a total of sixty-eight competitors in her division. Hailey, even though nervous, competed with focus and spirit – for which earned her a slot in the finals. She competed in the team trials (finals), alongside national team members and is considered one of the top 8 Poomsae athletes in the nation. 


Amiel Prieto

Only participated in the Cadet (12-14) Sparring Light-Middle Weight Division. With a total of three competitors in his division, Amiel fought with a fiery passion, and won both of this matches in and earned a gold medal in his weight division.


Matthew Ra

Participated in both Cadet (12-14) Sparring Light Weight Division and Cadet (12-14) World Class Poomsae Division. Matthew fought very tactically during his semi-final match (sparring) – in which he countered his opponent numerous times with a back kicks and trembling punches. He fought hard and earned a bronze medal in his sparring division. Matthew also participated in poomsae. He succeeded in making the cut for the first preliminary round, and was ranked with the sixth highest score of his flight. Unfortunately, he was eliminated after the second preliminary round after he missed the cut-off to the semi-final round by 0.01 point! He too also had a tough division for there were ninety-six competitors within his Poomsae division.


Eli Weigand

Participated in both Youth Sparring Middle Weight (Green Belt) Division and Youth Poomsae (Green Belt) Division. Eli has the natural ability of a Tae Kwon Do practitioner. With his dedication to the sport of Tae Kwon Do, he was able to receive a bronze medal in his sparring division. In addition to his sparring, Eli made it all the way to the finals and placed third, of the 24 competitors in his division – receiving another bronze medal in Poomsae.


Sera Weigand

Participated in both Youth Sparring (Yellow Belt) Division and Youth Poomsae (Yellow Belt) Division. Just like her brother, Eli, Sera also a natural in practicing Tae Kwon Do. She fought her hardest during her first match and won; but unfortunately, was not able to reach the semi-final round. Even though she wasn’t able to place in sparring or Poomsae, she left with her head held high and an experience that one can never take away from her.


Paul de Dios

Participated in both Ultra (33-40) Light Weight Sparring Division and Senior (<40) Poomsae Division. The oldest ABBC competitor – even with all the anxiety he had to deal with before and during the competition, he was able to receive a bronze medal in both sparring and poomsae divisions.

To summarize – our ABBC 6 competitors had brought back

1 Gold / 5 Bronze Medals / An experience of a lifetime!!!

We would like to thank Master Ra for coaching and providing key points to our competitors.

Special thanks to Mrs. Ra, Jean, and Luke for their moral support during the competition.

Be sure to congratulate our competitors for their hard work and continue to support the ABBC students.

Go Team ABBC!!!

2017 National Championship Pictures

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